My name is Azadeh and I am an established healthcare designer, based in Toronto, with twelve years artistic and Industrial Design sector experience.

My product design experience is diverse, which includes toys for children and medical device for women.For example, I have designed vaginal devices for women, branding for Pars Daroo. My product design is rooted in a ‘system design’ mindset, with the ability to visualize and materialize problems to find meaningful solutions through system mapping. I am grateful for my training at OCAD University/Design for Health program with established healthcare systems designer professors such Peter Jones and Cameron Norman.

Aesthetics plays a pivotal role in my works to communicate emotions, shapes, evocative forms, style,colour and beauty. My sense making skills informs my understanding of my customer’s tacit behaviour knowledge that I try to reflect in my product form and function.

My research design touch on many areas including healthcare, UX, philosophy and sustainability and I have written a few articles and attended conference on these topic areas.

Ultimately, my motivation for healthcare design products is a human centred approach with care and beauty as central drivers.

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